XD / Photoshop / Illustrator
PA-3 is a yogurt that reduces “Purine” which is a chemical substance causing gout. We have developed a web game to educate children about "Purine" and a balanced diet 
We used the game PAC-MAN and added special rules. When PAC-MAN eats cookies, the meter of "Purine" goes up. If the meter becomes full, PAC-MAN dies. To prevent death, the player must get PA-3 to reduce "Purine" before the meter is full. The goal was to educate that eating beyond the limit is bad for our health. Furthermore, you can get some information on how much "Purine" is contained in everyday diet after defeating the enemies.
I considered this project more of a ‘reenact’ than a re-design. The original game was a masterpiece with a ton of secrets, like ghosts never chase near the warp hole. UI designers and I managed to make a retro art style.
I balanced the game to appeal to our target audience. Players between the age of 30 and 50 were satisfied with the game balance. However, younger people considered it a little hard. 
Client: Meiji Dairies Corporation

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