XD / Photoshop / Illustrator
The new animation movie "mirai", which was directed by Momoru Hosoda who is famous for several Japanese animations, Summer Wars and The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, was released  in July 2018. The client hired us to hold an exhibition in Tokyo Dome City with digital devices.
Message Board (OZ Cheerful Message) 
OZ is a virtual world in the movie, where can communicate with people using your avatar. We designed a message board that can send a message to the exhibition. Therefore if you couldn’t go there, you could participated in the exhibition.
Projection Mapping (Magical Garden) 
There is a magical garden in the movie which can time travel. We recreated the magical garden using a projection mapping with beautiful changing backgrounds and a theme song. We also put sensors on the floor that responded when you walked on them.
Movie Wall (Index of Mamoru Hosoda) 
Mamoru Hosoda has released four movies so far. The movie “mirai” was an inspiration for the family tree. We created an interactive content that connected all his works and placed the content at the final part of the exhibition. When you touched the leaves, you could watch some scenes from the past four movies.
Digital Quiz Stamp Rarry
QR codes were installed at a total of 14 locations at the Mirai Exhibition site, Tokyo Dome City Meetsport, Tokyo Mystery Circus "letter from Mirai", Ikebukuro Parco Main Building 7F "Mirai cafe".​​​​​​​
Client: Nippon Television Network Corporation

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